5 Ridiculously Simple DIYs You Need To Try This Month

A roundup of helpful DIY questions we’ve answered in recent editions of the BuzzFeed DIY newsletter.

Three ingenious ways to reuse old photos:

Three ingenious ways to reuse old photos:

Do you have any solutions for storing and organizing old photos? —Rachelle Skinner

So many photos; so little time. But it only takes a little creativity to come up with some cool solutions for picture storage. To start, store your photos in boxes that are pretty enough to display. Use vinyl letters to spell out dreamy locations or vinyl numbers to write out the year and apply to colorful wooden craft boxes. If you want to display extra photos without creating a new gallery wall, use clothespins and twine to display pictures. And if you want to turn a pic into something you can squeeze (like a pillow!), use a photo printing company like Shutterfly to get the job done.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

I’m always looking for tutorials about how to stencil sayings onto shirts. Got any ideas? —Mari Owen

There are a few different techniques for creating original designs on shirts. The easiest is using a fabric paint pen. Simply write out a saying or draw out a pattern and let dry—wathc us do it IRL here! When you go to wash it, turn it inside-out and wash in cold water. Another option: Use freezer paper and fabric paint. Get the step-by-step process here. You can also use bleach to create your design—get more info about the process here. Go forth and stencil!

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

These totally creative ways to use coconut oil:

These totally creative ways to use coconut oil:

I have a jar of coconut oil that I rarely dip into. Any creative ways to use it? —Kara D.

Coconut oil can be totally magical if you know how what do to with it. Add a tablespoon to your coffee for some DIY creamer or slather some on super dry skin for moisturizer that lasts all day long. You can also put it on wet hair in the shower and let it sit for 3 minutes before rinsing for added shine. Learn more about washing your face with coconut oil here. Give it a try!

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

A few tricks to upgrade and personalize your furniture:

A few tricks to upgrade and personalize your furniture:

I’d love to know some inexpensive ideas for sprucing up old furniture. Got any? —Michelle

You don’t need to ditch your beloved furniture. Why? Because with just a few simple tricks, your chairs, desks, and tables will get their much-needed pick-me-ups — and what’s more, you’ll save money for more important stuff (like a lot of pizza). To give an older piece a little more interest, paint the legs a bright color. To upgrade the surface of a dresser or nightstand, add a few graphic decals. And to make anything and everything look that much more luxe, spray paint it a metallic hue like silver or gold. That’s it! Go forth and furniture.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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